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Our Daughter Started out Wanting a Pony for Her Birthday

It all started with a little girl’s wish to own a pony. We took her to a place that offered pony rides. She could not get enough of it. She then grew and wanted to ride horses. There were different groups where she could ride horses, but none of the horses were hers. A horse really bonds with its owner, and she was missing out on this. We actually bought her favorite horse she would ride at the equestrian group. Then we were looking for childrens equestrian clothing and hi-vis gear for her and the horse for evening rides.

It is not cheap to board a horse and pay for all of its food and veterinary costs, but our little girl gives her all to her equestrian adventures and her very own horse. Our dog, Leroy, never wants to leave our daughter’s side, and he bonded with the horse too. (more…)

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How To Hire A Competent Web Designer

Since many shoppers are shifting to online shopping; it is important to create a website where customers can purchase your products and services easily. Thus, you should set aside some time to look for an expert that will create the best site for your organization. Therefore, use the internet to search for a good service provider. Determine if the sites appear professional and well organized. A poorly designed websites indicates that you will get the same results.

You should take the views of the previous customers seriously especially if it is your first time to seek the services of a web designer. You should ask to view some of their past projects. Also, you should determine if the previous tasks look the same or they are in different styles. Make an effort to ask them whether they were content with the kind of services that they were given and if they would hire the particular web designer again.

Additionally, you can ask for references from your friends and relatives that have websites. You should ask them if they feel they received services that were worth their money.

It is important to determine the costs of more than one service provider so that you can find the one that is affordable to you. Read the quotes carefully. The organizations that offer brief estimates are not the best choice since they may have added extra charges without informing you.

Remember that you cannot completely understand an individual until you meet with them in person. Write down a number of questions that you would like the professionals to address. it is easier to ask the same questions to all your potential web designers so that you can choose the one that you feel is more convincing.

Ensure that you look at each of them individually. Moreover, you should ask for clarifications on the areas that you are not able to understand well. That means that the professional that you pick should use the right process and policies. That means that in case your website is created using the old methods, then your customers will have a hard time navigating through the site. That will give him an opportunity to create an efficient and fast site. You should understand everything that the professional says and have freedom to ask questions about the areas that you are not sure about. Additionally, you will understand what the web designer is doing throughout.


Xiaomi – Mi Malaysia Subject of xiaomi phone review malaysia

xiaomi phone review malaysia begin

Shop online at Mi Malaysia official site for Mi smartphones Redmi 1S, Mi3, Redmi Note 4G and Accessories Mi Power Bank.
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4000mAh two-day battery
Metal body
Snapdragon 430
13MP PDAF camera

Available at authorised retail outlets
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Xiaomi Mobile Phone price in Malaysia | harga | compare Subject of xiaomi phone review malaysia

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compare price, harga, spec for Xiaomi Mobile Phone by Apple, Samsung, Sony, HTC, Nokia, LG and Blackberry
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Xiaomi Mobile Phone Price in Malaysia

From RM 1899 (Ori)From RM 1938 (AP)updated: 03-11-2016

From RM 1408 (Ori)From RM 1749 (AP)updated: 03-11-2016

From RM 670 (Ori)From RM 615 (AP)updated: 03-11-2016

From RM 459 (Ori)From RM 445 (AP)updated: 03-11-2016

From RM 799 (Ori)From RM 719 (AP)updated: 03-11-2016

From RM 1099 (Ori)From RM 1089 (AP)updated: 03-11-2016

From RM 1009 (Ori)From RM 999 (AP)updated: 03-10-2016

From RM 699 (Ori)From RM 658 (AP)updated: 03-11-2016

From RM 489 (Ori)From RM 439 (AP)updated: 03-11-2016

From RM 668 (Ori)From RM 536 (AP)updated: 03-11-2016

From RM 599 (Ori)From RM 569 (AP)updated: 03-11-2016

From RM 599 (Ori)From RM 590 (AP)updated: 03-11-2016

From RM 999 (Ori)From RM 799 (AP)updated: 03-11-2016

From RM 588 (Ori)From RM 799 (AP)updated: 03-11-2016

From RM 480 (Ori)N/A (AP)updated: 24-09-2016

From RM 1699 (Ori)From RM 1919 (AP)updated: 01-10-2016

From RM 570 (Ori)N/A (AP)updated: 03-11-2016

N/A (Ori)From RM 499 (AP)updated: 03-11-2016

From RM 599 (Ori)From RM 409 (AP)updated: 26-07-2016

From RM 649 (Ori)From RM 699 (AP)updated: 10-07-2016

From RM 561 (Ori)From RM 635 (AP)updated: 07-05-2016

From RM 499 (Ori)From RM 485 (AP)updated: 24-05-2016

From RM 728 (Ori)From RM 885 (AP)updated: 12-01-2015

From RM 520 (Ori)From RM 497 (AP)updated: 07-05-2016


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Xiaomi Mi 4i is a nice device but it’s far from a flagship | by Article xiaomi phone review malaysia

xiaomi phone review malaysia related

The Xiaomi brand has been successful for delivering top end performance at an amazing low price. Their Mi 3 that was launched in Malaysia for RM889 was a serious disruptor, making everything else look ridiculously overpriced. After discontinuing the Mi 3, Xiaomi has been focused mostly on the lower end devices with the Redmi series.


The Xiaomi brand has been successful for delivering top end performance at an amazing low price. Their Mi 3 that was launched in Malaysia for RM889 was a serious disruptor, making everything else look ridiculously overpriced.

After discontinuing the Mi 3, Xiaomi has been focused mostly on the lower end devices with the Redmi series. Their last flagship, the Mi 4 had given Malaysia a pass due to its limited 4G LTE support. Finally after a year since Xiaomi has entered Malaysia, they have introduced the Mi 4i which they consider to be their new flagship smart phone for the global market.

Read on for our review of the Mi 4i.

Is the Mi 4i a flagship?

Looking at the spec-sheet alone, the Mi 4i is clearly a notch below its original Mi 4 flagship. Xiaomi wants you to believe that the ‘i’ post fix stands for international, and in some ways it is true since it is only sold outside of China. In reality, the ‘i’ stands more for ‘Lite’ or a lower spec version as it runs on a mid-range Qualcomm Snapdragon 615 Octa-Core processor with just 2GB of RAM.

So why Xiaomi believes the Mi 4i deserves a flagship title? Well for starters, the display itself is a 5″ screen which is improved over the current Mi 4. While it pushes the same Full HD 1080 resolution, it gets additional Sunlight Display technology which automatically make adjustments on the pixel level to maintain visibility in sunny conditions. In our usage, it delivers as advertised and undramatic as it seems, we didn’t have any issues using the device outdoors at noontime.

For the battery, the Mi 4i packs a higher capacity 3,120mAh battery which is their biggest ever fitted on a Mi smart phone. That’s more than their current top of the line Mi Note Pro and Xiaomi claims that this is the 2nd device to use this new efficient and dense battery type after the Galaxy S6. They added that the Mi 4i should last up to 1.5 days on a single charge and that’s made possible with its power saving optimisation with MIUI.

Xiaomi | of xiaomi phone review malaysia

xiaomi phone review malaysia begin

A ‘concept phone’. Those were the words I heard when Xiaomi unveiled the Mi MIX – something I thought they wouldn’t sell because that’s what the term ‘concept’ usually means. Then the presentation continued and my jaw hit the floor.
October 31, 2016
By: Rory Lee  

October 26, 2016
By: Alexander Wong  

October 25, 2016
By: Rory Lee  

October 25, 2016
By: Rory Lee  

October 25, 2016
By: Rory Lee  

October 24, 2016
By: Rory Lee  

October 19, 2016
By: Alexander Wong  

October 17, 2016
By: Rory Lee  

October 13, 2016
By: Alexander Wong  

September 27, 2016
By: Alexander Wong  

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A ‘concept phone’. Those were the words I heard when Xiaomi unveiled the Mi MIX — something I thought they wouldn’t sell because that’s what the term ‘concept’ usually means. Then the presentation continued and my jaw hit the floor.
The Xiaomi Mi Note 2 is finally out of the bag and it’s definitely a looker with its double curved display. The original Mi Note launched last year was the first smartphone that has a 3D glass back design and now they are bringing the same approach to the front.
Besides the launch of the new Mi Note 2 and the cool concept Mi MIX, Xiaomi also unveiled their brand new VR headset called the Mi VR. It’s an update to their previous model and it comes with a bunch of new stuff.
Following the launch of Xiaomi’s new flagship Mi Note 2, the company also unveiled a brand new concept smartphone called the Mi MIX. Why is it special? Well, it’s got a bezel-less screen and a 91.3% screen-to-body ratio.
Xiaomi‘s latest flagship smartphone is official, meet the Mi Note 2. It’s got a whole bunch of high-end features with an interesting curved display. Here’s everything you need to know about the brand new Mi Note 2.
Tomorrow at 2pm Malaysian time, Xiaomi is set to unveil the successor to their large phablet flagship Mi Note — the Mi Note 2. While that’s pretty exciting news, we thought we’d take a look at all of the leaked specifications thus far and collect them all in one post so you know what you’re getting excited for.
The most affordable Snapdragon 820 smartphone in Malaysia just got cheaper. The Xiaomi Mi 5 which was originally priced at RM1,549 is now slashed to RM1,399. The price cut is expected since Xiaomi had recently announced a newer Mi 5s in China.
Great smartphones are getting affordable and affordable smartphones are also getting pretty great. These days, with the number of premium flagships launching in Malaysia sporting excellent specifications for a bargain price, we thought we’d throw together a list of high-end flagships that won’t break your bank.
Here are SoyaCincau’s best smartphones under RM2,000
UPDATE: The highest spec Mi 5s Plus with 6GB RAM and 128GB storage is also available.
It would take Xiaomi a while before they introduce their latest flagship smartphones in Malaysia. However, thanks to grey importers like DirectD, the Xiaomi Mi 5s and Mi 5s Plus are finally here with ready stocks. What’s interesting is that the Mi 5s on offer is more affordable than the current Xiaomi Mi 5 that’s officially available here.
Barely a month since Apple introduced its iPhone 7 duo, Xiaomi has responded with not one but two new flagships smartphones. Following the release of its Mi 5 flagship earlier this year, the Chinese company has introduced an updated version with the Mi 5S. For those longing for a Mi Note replacement, they have also launched a Plus model that comes with a 5.7″ display.

Xiaomi Mi 5 – User opinions and reviews by Article xiaomi phone review

xiaomi phone review is done Xiaomi Mi 5 user opinions and reviews

Confidence booster
OnePlus 3 review

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Total of 2926 user reviews and opinions for Xiaomi Mi 5.

Time-saver edition
Xiaomi Mi 5 review

Form and function
Xiaomi Mi 5 review

Is it true this phone is good for gaming? Do u guys have any recomendation phone for gaming?
is it true xiaomi mi 5 will be good for gaming? and what kind phone thats good for gaming? pls tell me
Big Mo, 02 Nov 2016My review after 2 months:

I live in the UAE (where Dubai is -_-) and I got my Mi5 128 GB al… moredoes the front screen is protected by gorilla 4?
My review after 2 months:

I live in the UAE (where Dubai is -_-) and I got my Mi5 128 GB almost 2 months back from a Dubai online shop for about 490 USD. (Expensive, I know, but best price I found).

*SUPER fast and lag free S/W performance (easily my best Android experience till now).
*Premium and beautiful H/W design (I get lots of complements almost daily).
*Tough back (thanks to the Ceramic cover).
*Annoying little bumps in the S/W that shouldn’t be in a high-end device (ex: screen rotation doesn’t work lots of times, and more annoying stuff).
*Front edges around device are the real drawback in durability and ruggedness of the Mi5, little falls will leave dents all over the front edge that will become very noticeable in a little while.
*I have no access some of MIUI exclusives (this could be me only) like Themes and stuff (I have to search for them via Google Now to be able to click into), probably bcz this is the International version.
*Camera is fast, but very blurry n shaky, great in full light and TERRIBLE in low light (way behind when compared to my wife’s GS7), but the front camera is surprisingly great.

Its a keeper for me..
I may break my rule of no-phone-covers for this, though.

mominul9, 01 Nov 2016Which is best mi5 or mi5s I am totally confused !anyone suggests please which is better (about… moreI suggest xiaomi mi5, ultrasonic fingerprint has just started and is not quite develop for mi5s, and as per review cat12 capability of mi5 is now missing on mi5s.
Which is best mi5 or mi5s I am totally confused !anyone suggests please which is better (about camera and performance and battery backup).
i have mi5 prime ( 128g) black cermic, work fast, very light, good pictures the same enfine of samsung s7 in half price.
it alsow have ota firmware by xiaoimi.
This company has ZERO BUILD QUALITY. Cheapest possible components and IT SHOWS. The phone is quite hot, battery life is unpredictable, the phone may occasionally become irresponsive. You cannot get GOOD customer care if you can get ANY AT ALL!!! And we are talking almost flagship money, so purchasing this phone makes no sense. Every other phone with a contract from telecom is much better buy that this piece of cheap materials. And of course, you are at the mercy of Chinese servers monitoring your system activity and information… Great!
Vikas, 31 Oct 2016Pls tell me about the camera of mi5 ? I have been using Mi5 for more than two weeks now.
The phone takes excellent pictures in day light and evening times.
When i zoom into some pictues i was able to see details that human eyes missed.So, it provides great pictures with high detailing.

Great panoramas too.

I have not used the phone for night photography.But have heard that use HDR or HHT mode for night and the photos will be good
hi .
can i connect otg and HDMI cable
Pls tell me about the camera of mi5 ?
HelloFromMars, 30 Oct 2016Hey. If you guys don’t mind me asking, what’s the downside of this Mi5? Other than the MIUI, t… morei am using mi5 since june 2016. when you hold first time mi5 youll feel you are holding a 40k smartphone. Design is much better than samsung and its not copied at all. Ui is not ios. ppl compare it with ios becuase its flat UI but you can do much more than ios in MIUI. You dont need 4k display. i can easily say it is the best display panal used by mi. even i have compared it with iphone 6s side by side and believe me colour saturation, brightness is better than iphone. so dont worry about display its one of the best even its not 4k or 2k. now come to heating part as everyone say its heat so let me tell you that ever smartphone heats while gaming or any heavy work buts its always under 45 degree so its normal, just that during charging using fast charging it heats beacuase of fast charging apart from that in normal usage temprature is well below 40 degree. I have played lots of heavy games and no problem at all even its not higher clocked. speaker sound is average not too loud not too low. if you listen lots of music like me than ill say its not good through wired headphones but youll be surprised to know that through wirless mode sound quality is awsome as i am using v moda wireless headphones with it. Build quality is top notch according to the price . battery backup depends on your usage as i am using dual sim with 4g sim and 4g data on all the time so i need to charge the device again in a day but its not a problem as it supports fast charging so charge it for half an hour and you are good to go for full day.
previously i have used samsung galaxy s2, moto x2014, htc one e8 and now mi 5 so ill say again for the price you are paying for this its really good smartphone. Only cons i find on this device its only 32 gb and no card slot as i am heavy user so i have installed lots of games and music so sometimes i feel if it supported card slot than it would be great but still i am happy with my purchase.
MIUI is very similar to iOS in terms of looks. Mi5 should be faster, take better pictures and last longer.

Only thing to worry about is it that it bends

Hey. If you guys don’t mind me asking, what’s the downside of this Mi5? Other than the MIUI, the design, screen display. Like i want to know, is it worth it? Like is it going to lag after at least 6 months after? And should i change it from iPhone 5s to this mi5?

Been hearing people complaining about it copying samsung, UI copying iOS, screen is not 4K. Not really need all of that negativity since there’s no problem it copying samsung and apple, and the non 4K or amoled screen – doesn’t seem to much if a problem for me as long as it is in HD or FHD.

So what’s the downside on this mi5 actually?
miui sucks on ram management.
Lenovo ZUI is better
maakbar, 27 Oct 2016Don’t go 8 month back if willing to enjoy current Android updates.Mi5 released in March,so loo… moreI’m also interested to buy this Mi5, looks very good in the mid-range phone in India.
If you are using it, can you please share some good and bad points of this phone? Thanks.
viki again, 26 Oct 2016Does it supports VR Glasses for mobile?NFC is very nice.
piyush, 29 Oct 2016Aftr ugrading to miui 8.0.5 i am facing battry performance issue .now battry backup is not upt… morego to developer options then set background processes to zero
Aftr ugrading to miui 8.0.5 i am facing battry performance issue .now battry backup is not upto mark like earlier ..
Earlier aftr usage it mosty come to 100 to 72% but now it is draing nd coming to 100 to 47% ..
Suggestion pls what should i do now?

Xiaomi Mi 5 review: Extraordinary value Android phone rivals Galaxy S7 by Story xiaomi phone review

xiaomi phone review begin

The Mi 5 sits at the top of Xiaomi’s Android phone line, where its devilishly fast performance and great all-round design place it as a true competitor to the likes of the S7, G5 and iPhone 6s – at half the price! Read our full Xiaomi Mi 5 review for more.

Xiaomi’s phones are rare sightings in the UK, but the company’s market dominance in China and increasingly India (where this Mi 5 goes on open sale tomorrow – 1 June) means many more people are starting to hear of Xiaomi. Not officially sold here, the only way you’ll get your hands on one is through unofficial channels. GearBest supplied our Xiaomi Mi 5 for review. Also see: Best phones 2016.

The Mi 5 sits at the top of Xiaomi’s line-up, and is a worthy competitor to the iPhone 6s, LG G5 and Samsung Galaxy S7, but at half the price. It lacks some features of those phones, such as an always-on display, modular design, removable battery, microSD support and waterproofing, but in all other respects this is a true next-generation smartphone with performance to match.

Three versions of the Mi 5 exist. A version with 3GB of RAM comes with either 32- or 64GB of RAM (we’ve reviewed the 32GB version here). There’s also a Pro edition with a ceramic body, 4GB of RAM and 128GB of storage, which has been shown to score in excess of 140K points in AnTuTu – that’s faster than any phone we’ve tested.

The entry option reviewed here is still crazy-fast, with a Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 processor nestled under its gorgeous, brilliantly bright and virtually edge-to-edge 5.15in IPS screen. The Mi 5 is gorgeous, a mix of glass and metal with a design somewhere between the Galaxy S7 and iPhone 6s.

A 16Mp Sony IMX298 camera sits flush to the phone’s rear, and with four-axis optical image stabilisation and phase-detection autofocus the Xiaomi can take some fantastic photos and video.

Connectivity options are strong with dual-SIM 4G support, alongside an IR blaster, dual-band 802.11ac Wi-Fi, NFC, Bluetooth 4.2, USB-C and a new fingerprint scanner hidden inside a physical Home button. A 3000mAh battery, which is good for a day’s use, is insanely fast to charge with support for Qualcomm Quick Charge 3.0. Also see: Best dual-SIM phones and dual-SIM buying advice.

Setup for UK users is easier with this Mi 5 than any Xiaomi phone we’ve tested previously. Although it runs MIUI 7, a customised version of Android Marshmallow, it takes literally moments to install the Google Play store from the preinstalled Mi app store and start using the phone as you would any other Android – albeit with no sign of the familiar Android app tray.

Let’s take a closer look at the Xiaomi Mi 5. See all smartphone reviews.

Xiaomi Mi 5 review: Price and UK availability – how much is the Xiaomi Mi 5?

Our Xiaomi Mi 5 came from GearBest, which stocks all three versions of the Mi 5 in white, black and gold. We tested the white Mi 5 with 3GB of RAM and 32GB of storage, which is currently available for £263.75 (note that prices will fluctuate daily at grey-market sites). Shipping to the UK is free, but note that you should pay import duty on anything you buy from China, and you will be billed for this if your parcel is stopped at Customs. We were charged an additional £40.73, which includes 20 percent of the phone’s value on the paperwork plus a £10 disbursement charge.

(In our experience with DHL it will send you the parcel before you receive the duty bill. Don’t be fooled into thinking this means you’ve got away with it.)

Even with the import duty on top, the Xiaomi Mi 5 offers excellent value for a flagship smartphone – especially given that its rivals cost in excess of £500. The difference with this phone is you won’t get it on contract in the UK, but while you might pay more up front you’ll save huge amounts of cash if you also switch your contract to a SIM-only deal.

And, on that subject, O2 customers and those of piggyback networks such as GiffGaff should note that they will not receive 4G on this phone. With no support for band 20 (800MHz), which is O2’s only 4G band, the most you’ll get is 3G. Customers of other mobile operators needn’t worry, since 4G LTE bands 3 and 7 are supported. Also see: Best Android phones 2016.

Xiaomi Mi 5 review: Design & build, screen

Xiaomi’s Mi 5 feels awesome in the hand. In common with the Samsung Galaxy S7 it has a Gorilla Glass 4 front and rear, with the left and right rear edges tapered to give a comfortable fit in the hand. This phone is thinner and lighter, though, just 7.25mm and 129g.

Although this rear panel can apparently be replaced should you crack it, the insides are not user-accessible. The SIM (two Nano-SIMs if you like) is loaded via a slot tray at the phones top left edge, while the 3000mAh built-in battery may be non-removable but it’s incredibly fast to charge.

Unlike the Galaxy S7 there’s no camera bump at the rear, nor curved glass at the front: the Mi 5 is flat as a pancake, save for the ever so slightly raised Home button. This is the first time we’ve seen a fingerprint scanner built into a physical Home button on a Xiaomi phone, and it works very well – fast to recognise your touch and unlock the device.

Either side sit back and recent buttons. These aren’t labelled, and you can switch them around to suit how you want to use the phone.

The screen bezels are virtually non-existent, resulting in an extremely premium-looking design. There’s not a single rough edge on the chamfered metal chassis, and save for its non-waterproof body we are seriously struggling to find fault with the design. The white model we tested even battles fingerprints incredibly successfully.

The screen is a standout feature. While some of Xiaomi’s rivals are fitting Quad-HD panels with always-on tech, Xiaomi’s display is merely full-HD (1920×1080, 428ppi). You wouldn’t know it. It’s pin-sharp, brilliantly bright (600cd/m2), bursting with colours and has very good contrast. Pixel-level adaptive contrast and Sunlight Display makle it easily visible in all scenarios.

Either side of the bottom-mounted USB-C charging- and data-transfer port are speaker grilles, though there is just the one speaker on this phone. It’s usefully loud, though, and we found it to be of acceptable quality for a phone speaker.

And at the other end: an IR blaster. Such an under-rated feature and, intriguingly, removed from Samsung’s latest Galaxy S-series flagship.

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